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Aliens or Something Else?

User ID: 1209585
United States
12/30/2010 02:56 AM
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Aliens or Something Else?
Ever since I moved into a brand new home I have been seeing, and somewhat interacting, with what I perceive to be mini flying ships in my house. I can only describe them as looking like mini submarines (similar to the UFO sightings as described in the late 19th century). They have little windows, antennae (?), lights, and make very little sound but I do hear a sort of high-pitched buzzing sound from them.

At one point, I believe one of the ships even landed on a table and a "shore party" left the ship with what looked like flashlights.

These ships are very small. I have a great camera (Eos) and have not been able to catch an image of one yet. It is not that they move fast... In fact, they usually seem to hover / float slowly around rooms in my house.

When they disappear, they don't blink out, go through walls, or anything amazing like that... They simply turn away from me and drift out of my view.

I will not bother with long disclaimers (I don't use drugs, drink, etc.)

I just want to quickly understand what I am dealing with. Actually, if I were to find out these are alien or multidimensional ships, that would be amazing but I am really mostly interested (to be entirely honest) on how I might make money off of this so as to not have to work another day in my life...
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 765966
United States
12/30/2010 02:58 AM
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Re: Aliens or Something Else?
Al iens and sumthing els....