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Reincarnation : How the illuminati Stays in Control

User ID: 1211556
12/30/2010 11:19 AM
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Reincarnation : How the illuminati Stays in Control
Have you ever wonder why the most rich and powerful people on earth want more and more money even until the day they die? To me it just doesn't make sense. I mean if you have $30 billion dollars, how in the world are you going to spent it when you are 70 years old. You would probably stop at say $20 million because you know that is more than enough for you and your family for their entire life. And yet they still wanted more and more money. As if they will live until they are 200 years old. Unless of course, they have the ability to be reborn to a specific body. Now I know this sound too ridiculous, but just think for a while, could there be a method or some kind of technology to recapture a dying body's soul and then enter it to a specific fetus so that the person will be reborn to another body? This to me is the only logical explanation as to how the illuminati for instance stays in their group for hundreds of years. I mean what is the point of trying to control the world if you keep dying after 80 years old. So let's say if a man died at the age of 80 with $30 billions dollars in his bank account, he can simply just be reborn and continue to spent it in another life. So in a way that person doesn't really "die" he just change his "skin" sort of speak.

Of course in order to believe the existent of such method or technology, you must first believe in reincarnation. And we all have heard or watch on TV and internet of people claiming to have memories of their past life.

And I also wonder if the Bohemian Grove and the Bilderberg group is all about this kind of stuff. Because apparently the gathering only involved the most powerful people on earth. What do you think?

So in a way, is Hitler still lives among us? And if so what is he up to now?
Hagbard Celine
User ID: 1194594
United States
12/30/2010 01:01 PM
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Re: Reincarnation : How the illuminati Stays in Control
Very interesting speculation! Five stars for you.