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Message Subject America's Hunters. The World's Largest Army.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Nothing a bunch of redneck beer drinking fat assed pigs who like to kill defenseless animals.

Army of fuckwits more like it.

It would be a VERY different story if these same fat assed beer drinking redneck fat fucks were facing an army of well trained crack shot killers with slanty eyes...

Fucking dream on ya stupid arrogant fuck yanks.

The moment a shot is fired BACK at you..you will be pleading for mercy.

Shit..for all your talk of being pissed off with your gov..not ONE of you have done a damn thing about it..because if you DID..your beer and pizza supplies would be threatened..and ya CANT have that now can ya??

Fuck you.You fucking aussies on here are fucking retarde.You're just pissed because your pussy asses let them take your guns.Not happenin' here doucheboy.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 90675

You fucking useless yanks LIKE to believe the myths dont you???

WE still HAVE our guns...the ONLY ones that were handed in were all the USELESS ones we DIDNT want anymore...a way to make a quick buck and get rid of thew shit...but all the DECENT ones were kept..for a rainy day.

PLUS..look up Aussie gunshops..you can STILL buy guns here..and its EASIER than getting hold of one there for the most part.

For a start...we dont have a stupid no fly no buy list like you idiots..who LET your gov TAKE your rights OFF you.

You yanks are so FUCKING BLIND!..not to mention dumber than a cartload of pumpkins.
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