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Message Subject Marko Rodin - Smart Lazer Technology
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Photonic light does not travel through a medium it collides with atoms and is re-emitted by electrons. The re-emission is dependent on the environmental conditions (mainly gravity) pertaining to any given electron. Photons only actually "travel" through empty space, the word travel obviously implies a lack of collision - photonic light travels from collision to collision (of course photon particles do not exist as such, and neither is light a wave).

To repeat the message: Photonic light does not travel through a medium it collides with atoms and is re-emitted by electrons.
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"If the sky is blue due to electrodynamics, then what electrodynamic explanations can be put forth for A) golden rays of sunshine through grey clouds, and B) the changing colors of sunrise/sunset?
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The main point to take away from all this, is that the "photon" that reaches you eye is a result of the electron that emitted it. The "photons" emitted by the Sun are not distinct particles that are intercepted as a single particle by electrons. Think of photons more as packets or streams of quantum particles associated to each other by a frequency. For the most part, an electron slowly absorbs quantum particles and then emits its own photon (packet of quantum particles associated by frequency), as dictated by its own circumstances. The electrons of N2 ions are inclined to emit blue visible "frequency photons". Pretty much every "frequency photon" that reaches your eyes has been processed by another electron since the original "frequency photons" arrived from the Sun, e.g. the electrons of grass molecules emit predominantly green "frequency photons". This is not a reflection of the Sun emitted photon that gets "green shifted", it is an entirely new photon whose frequency is dictated by the circumstances of the electron that emits it.
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You've answered these questions in the beginning of my thread. Blue is largely the frequency of nitrogen. The clouds condensing particles driven by interplay of cold/warmth, electrons/protons. No real mystery, divine simplicity. ;)

Balance and visibility are spatially inclusive phenomena.

Cheers and good night.

Wish me luck, tommorrow is a large leap.
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Watcha up to? Well, good luck!
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