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Message Subject Marko Rodin - Smart Lazer Technology
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
One thing I do not understand, is what the hell Nobody/WOS has to do with this. We can leave that entire meme out of this, and still have the same results.

you know swinger prompted by your post the thought of the nobody and the wos arose

we know the computer programs that manifested the nobody and wos were structured to express in word the discovery that humans can and do detect their future (pre cognition) thus the programs were written to discover what our future held for us

if you notices the nobody and wos sign as the cause of cause
the two forces of singular effect
 Quoting: aether

I get hints about this now, and it frustrates me. The patterns swing back and forth on this topic, and when they do, they twist and create different swirls and different colors, then swinging back the other way, they revert.

Why would Nobody/WOS meme have anything to do with this if they are not real, and it is just a meme? If they are not manifested into reality, then all this is based on another false foundation.

I had become interested in the meme because I was seeing the patterns within it, and I was seeing specific truths as to how it would have to occur. There was no other way the meme could be successful in what it was proposing, except by the way I was patterning it in my mind.

Fuck it. I hate thinking in depth about it now. I hate when fingers are pointed. I hate when it is brought up like you have brought it up, as if it is a reality. I hate it because I understand it. I hate that others are evaluating the evolution of it. I hate that it creates ego-based messianic traits in individuals.

Dammit, now I'm in a shitty mood.
 Quoting: Swinging on Spirals

I am going to present the whole wall of text. I still think it stands and offers insights into what the Nobody/WOS ‘language' of, what I still think is ‘mythopoesis’, is all about. To me, in the back of my mind, what was ‘egotistical’ about it, was thinking it was a ‘new' idea. ‘Third Vector’.

The story we tell about Mother Earth is the narrative that will allow us to realize our role in Her purposes, even though Her purposes extend beyond the scope of human concerns. This story, and this story alone, will reveal how human intelligence interacts with planetary intelligence. This scenario looks outward toward the far reaches of the macrocosmos and simultaneously inward toward the most intimate details of life in the terrestrial habitat, including events in the psychic, mental and emotional life of humanity. To unfold a new cosmic story we must decenter ourselves and see the world-process in Gaian perspective, through Her eyes. Only then may we recover our right relation to all life, a revisioned sense of purpose and a new centering in what Buddhists call Prajna-Paramita-Hrdaya, paramount insight born from the wisdom of the heart. In Gnostic terms this is the Sophianic endowment, the sapience of the human species.

Lynn Margulis has remarked that "a Gaian view is potentially more powerful than the ideologies of selfishness" (cited in Lawrence E. Joseph, Gaia: The Growth of an Idea). All three Western mainstream religions are deeply and irredeemably rooted in ideologies of selfishness, to the point where their adherents would destroy themselves and everyone else rather than surrender their egocentric importance based on beliefs "revealed" to them by a sovereign creator god, in whose image they are made. Science appears to be more detached from the human condition, but for other reasons inherent to its paradigmatic limits, it is equally unable to develop cosmology in a Gaia-oriented perspective.

The Gaia Mythos departs on a third vector, a path neither science nor religion can offer. It proposes mythopoesis, the intentional act of mythmaking, as a way to consecrate ourselves to the living Earth. This process is a feat of human imagination, but its objectives are not imaginary. The Gaia Mythos is a story to be developed collaboratively by poets, writers, artists and cultural visionaries, rather than one inculcated by religious and scientific authorities. In developing this scenario we are challenged to reclaim powers of description that have atrophied in our species due to our loss of awe and ecstasy in the presence of Sacred Nature, Divinity, the numinous mystery of the Other.
 Quoting: [link to www.metahistory.org]
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