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Message Subject Marko Rodin - Smart Lazer Technology
Poster Handle HilosPP
Post Content
lol, I like the way that the video explained complexity. What I call complexity, McKenna called novelty, but the same concressent end creating density and stressors calling for reaction and learning to instantly balance, conditions us to the unconciousness of higher being which we have spoken about ad nauseum.

It is tantamount to the irritating master hitting you with a stick. You will learn to react faster than thought. That knowledge is pure as it is attained in being-----instant reaction.

That leaves room for some interesting theory in Gnostic "One" scenarios; like the teaching the One is The Source and taps into Self as Self. Suppose what I'm saying is might not be so subconcious for the One the way it is for others when tapping into that higher form of Self; or tapping into God because in the case of the One that being wouldn't not be tapping into an exterior force, it would be an interior connection?
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