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Message Subject Marko Rodin - Smart Lazer Technology
Poster Handle HilosPP
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there are two fundamental charges, and there is no chicken, its all egg.
Eggs came first. Eggs make everything. Chickens only make eggs, but everything makes eggs.
So the chicken and egg is non sequitar.

Charge is the egg, for the egg is a charge formation. The egg is a vortex form.
Quoting: observation

electrostatic field

When two objects in each other's vicinity have different electrical charges, an electrostatic field exists between them. An electrostatic field also forms around any single object that is electrically charged with respect to its environment.
Quoting: observation

[link to searchcio-midmarket.techtarget.com]

thinking electrical people, not plus or minus nor negative or positive just different because no two people are the identical structure
we each form our own vortice

Quoting: aether
Thread: Marko Rodin - Smart Lazer Technology (Page 544)

Quoting: aether

Intresting makes me think about sentient vibrations as a result of the electrical charges a host might be carrying; that might be a good way to notate what you where trying to say about this electricity not having positive negative poles?
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05/25/2012 12:50 PM

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I think there is a vortex created when a being is able to pull from the Ionosphere and Aetheral plane at the same time; would be like what Aether just shared about particles being in the field being shielded, in this case the being's body would be the particle being shielded by the vortex created in such an action. Reminds me of that picture of Tesla, where he's sitting in that chair.

I was hoping to get some feedback from you on this Aether was from Luna's thread on Vortex.
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