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The first Mars landing to my knowledge occurred in 1999. The astronauts who performed the landing were murdered upon their return.

...and how exactly did they get past the radiation belt without getting fried?

Answer this and you might actually know something.

Actually I do know about this. Any radiation or obstacles that they encountered were redirected by use of lasers, but radiation and obstacles were also consumed by a generator that produced a mini black hole directed towards whatever was in the way.

This black hole was then destroyed by several remotely detonated explosions inside of it.

These explosions served the purpose of decreasing the gravity in the black hole which destroyed the black hole while preserving the radiation and other obstacles.

Makes perfect sense to me. I used the exact same procedure on a plugged drain pipe last week.

So, 911, time to spill the beans.

Haven't I already?

What? Huh? Did I miss it?

Tell us Cheney's role. What hit the pentagon. What hit the ground in PA? Did planes hit the towers? What about Silverstein. Was he fully aware ahead of time? Why was Bld 7 demolished? Come on OP. We need more stuff...

I will do an entire video on it; I promise.

But in a nutshell:

Cheney was an idiot. He served no role in anything that the Illuminati carried out. He was pretty much a pawn used to divert attention. He tried to play a role, but was never allowed.

A tomahawk cruise missile hit the Pentagon; launched from a ship in the Atlantic.

A plane really hit the ground in PA. Again, an attention diversion. They felt that they needed a "feel good" story.

Yes, planes hit the towers, and the towers collapses because of explosives already planted on the joists.

Larry Silverstein was the brains behind it all.

Building 7 was used as an operations base. It needed to be demolished to protect information and people.
 Quoting: Walt1944

wowsa one truth so far................
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