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I really am not sure. The operatives that hijacked the plane were told to crash it in PA. That is what I know to be true.

Big fail OP. NO plane crashed in PA. There was a plane blown up while in flight that produced debri over a 10 mile square area. without significant body parts, smaller plane. But a missile hit the ground, NO PLANE

Please do not try to tell us a plane hit the Pentagon. I saw the evidience of NO plane before the wall collapsed.
 Quoting: Nobody in Particular

…and no passenger plane of the disinfo media description hit the twin towers.

Planes with the id –call-signs as used by the idiot media were on the ground and were still in a flyable state long after the twin tower display, not to mention the Mossad agents posing as passengers and terrorists in the manufactured recordings (with Israeli accents on display)

Now if I were the OP, and not just working the think-tank disinfo and fishing boards, and I had important info to share ….on page one , before any plugs were pulled, or punches, I would make a few clear and concise statements ….such as : –

Israeli Mossad along with Zionist agents working in key US (and UK, Europe etc)
positions were responsible for the 9/11 attacks and the London 7/7/ bombings in order to further their Zionist N.W.O takeover plan using manipulated threats from Arab/Muslim nations, and using the CIA/Mossad created terrorist group Al-CIA-da as the cover excuse for new international laws and institutional controls - Global control …….. operating as the front-line tool for the non-illuminated dark-side morons.

Apart from Cheney, Bush and Rumsveld, Michael Chertof is key (ex NSA, now behind the back scanner airport and neighborhood DNA death ray scanner machines), as is ….Benjamin Netanyahu and Rudy Giuliani, both conveniently present at the scene of the crime at the time of the 9/11 attacks and in London on the 7/7/ attacks.
Larry Silverstein was of course in the know all along – a facilitator with Zionazi check book in hand, as was Jeb Bush’s security company - and used the event to line his pockets with gold and cash in predictable style as did all the other stock market gamblers that made a killing on a killing.

Connecting dots is not necessary.
It is VERY obvious.

---- and regarding those above circumstances, yes it is very easy to view Israel as the predicted and predictable Anti-Christ –the immediate beneficiary of these many dark acts and attacks in the world ---- acting as one of the main proxies for the dark-side gang along with their US and many other international (anti-national) counterparts and collaborators.

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