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As I attended college at Harvard in 1964...

...and he told me about how a “terrorist” attack on two buildings would change the world forever.

Epic fail.

They didn't even break ground on the WTC until 1966.

It makes me laugh to see such morans accuse one guy of doing an epic fail when HE is doing an epic fail himself. You need to do more research before you go around accusing someone of epic fail!

They BROKE GROUND on the WTC in 1966, yes they did, but how many YEARS went into its planning? In addition, did you know that in the year it was built, there were only TWO cities in the WORLD, New York and Chicago, that had in their city charters, something that said that for buildings that tall, that there must be a DEMOLITION PLAN IN PLACE? What on EARTH does THAT mean? Did you notice in the information banner under the speakers of the 911 news broadcasts, that it said that the CHICAGO TOWER was being EVACUATED too? WHY? That wasn't anywhere NEAR New York! Did you know that 50 meters under all three buildings, that there was a 1.5 kiloton nuclear bomb that was planted there, and that the buttons for all three buildings were placed in Building 7? Ever wonder why Building 7 fell, even though no "airplanes" (they were actually Russian missiles from a stolen submarine) hit it? (Google Dimitri wtc demolition and watch the entire 26 episode series for all that information.)

These things have been planned long before they happened, just like the fall of the American Empire, AKA the British Corporation of the United States of America, was planned when the "Founding Fathers" made a deal with the King of England, and then they even signed its fate with the "King of France" at the 1787 Treaty of Paris, to meet the needs of a third party world leader, except that the country of France was under British occupation, so the King of France WAS the King of England. (Google Corporation of the United States, and does england own the united states).

The Kennedy AMBUSH was just the beginning of the destruction of the USA as we now know it. When the Americans looked the other way when they KNEW that it was NOT Oswald, that paved the way for Waco Texas, Oklahome City Bombing, WTC attack #1 (1993), the Columbia Space Shuttle disaster, which ultimately led to WTC #2 (the 9/11 attacks), and whatever else they have planned to destroy America, right under our noses.

The Government has even been telling us all along that they blew up the building with a nuclear bomb, but Americans were too naive to know what "Ground Zero" [link to www.merriam-webster.com] means, that it is a demolition term for "the point directly at, above, or below, of A NUCLEAR EXPLOSION". What has good old George W been calling it? GROUND ZERO! He has been from the start! He even told you that there WERE explosives in the building and that they made sure that the people in the upper floors above the supposed "airplanes" could not get out. [link to www.youtube.com]

The NWO and World Domination was even planned since the days of Cain (who killed his brother, Abel). When God banished him from the land and sent him to the land southward, he vowed to someday take over the world. (Even the Mormon Book talks about that, but IT calls it, "Secret Combinations", which is just another name for the Illuminati.) According to Mormon theology, when Cain killed Abel, he had the priesthood, but since God banished him, he began to use the Dark Side of the priesthood powers, and Satan gave him all his powers. Thus, the reason that the Illuminati worships Satan as their God.) From then on, they have been passing it down from father to son, realizing that such a feat would take decades, even centuries or millennia, to do.

Then, as Lindsey Williams has told us, when these people plan something, they always tell us in advance. However they do it cryptically, so we don't always catch it. For proof of this, I WILL give you references: Two videos from YouTube. The first shows that they told us in 1996, in the movie, "The Long Kiss Goodnight" [link to www.youtube.com] starring Geena Davis and Samuel L. Jackson, and the second is the Pilot Episode of "Lone Gunmen" [link to www.youtube.com] which aired just SIX MONTHS before it, and it showed us EXACTLY how they wanted to present it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1069180

This is why I do not usually try to correct those that feel that they are professional debunkers...

Those that feel they can string up a poster, they don't want to listen to, with a stick of used chewing gum and a playing card - no facts just useless rubbish with no thought!

Good for you for taking the time and energy to try to educate those who (generally) don't want to listen...

I wish I still had your patience!

hf hf hf
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