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Poster Handle Research
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Stop, look, listen, and use your heads.

(Definition of) "Persuasion":
The action or fact of persuading someone or of being persuaded to do or believe something.

Ever meet an African America that doesn't act like the individuals you've seen on an episode of cops or on a tv show?

Ever think to yourself "They are nothing like I thought they would be". Make a good argument to make someone look bad, in the eyes of the weak minded and they will believe it too, so individuals will be grouped together based on assumption, and false accusation is not a figment of imagination.

(Definition of) "Demonize":
Portray as wicked and threatening

If you are able to make a compelling argument to someone that doesn't know better, regardless of a lack of factual evidence, based on their own intrigue, they can deceived.

(Definition of) "Deceive":
(of a person) Cause (someone) to believe something that is not true, typically in order to gain some personal advantage.

Think about BAD police officers out there (not the ones that follow protocol) Which protocol means "The accepted or established code of procedure or behavior in any group, organization, or situation". A lack of video evidence, and help from someone to help them get off, allows BAD police officers to walk away from various unjustified situations. So there needs to be evidence, just like in the court of law, or else its dismissed as "crazy talk" and "conspiracy theory".

So....do your own research when it comes to anything, don't make assumptions based on what you've heard someone say about someone or something. The poster of this thread would have to provide concrete evidence exposing these individuals of something, because if they are up for exposing the cult (they talk about as if they are still in it "i.e. and the future plans that WE have") there would be images, recordings we can hear, etc.

So do research, because if you can walk away from this thread believing what you hear without researching, you will believe various things that may be convincing lies.

Run on sentence ahead..
I remember Obama getting heat about a Pastor Jeremiah Wright, who supposedly used to be Muslim and converted, and he was supposedly Obama's mentor for all these years at Church in regards to the Holy Bible (you know Old & New Testaments, Genesis, Revelations, Jesus Christ) and even Mitt Romney (2012) tried to mention it (which he changed his word) even though he doesn't want heat over the fact that the Mormon belief had a certain view of "Blacks" until recent times, and he was raised going to their place of worship for years (do your OWN research).

You have to beware of all types of stuff, and if someone approaches you with something, watch yourself. I'm far from a follower, and all i'm saying is do your own research when it comes to anything so you aren't embracing lies.
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