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The Illuminati are suspected of having an influence on practically every part of our lives from politics to religion and economy, technology, and even major world events. The Illuminati are a secret society closely linked to Freemasonry. Founded on the first of May, 1776 with only five initial members, the group discussed and philosophized about things that were generally thought of as taboo at that time period in France. Among the things that they looked at were the teachings of Voltaire, an anti-Christian who questioned politics and current philosophies. Under the leadership of Adam Weishaupt, codenamed Spartacus, the order never made progress. After a few years, however, much more prominent members joined such as Baron Adolph Knigge, Duke Ferdinand of Brunswick, and Duke Ernest of Gotha. This gained the Illuminati much popularity. However, on June 22, 1784, the French government issued a decree banning all secret societies from operating in France. This was brought about by the suspicion that the Illuminati were conspiring against the government and that they might have been behind the French Revolution. In 1906, a man by the name of Leopold Engel revived the Illuminati in Berlin, Germany. He did this under the instruction of Theodore Reuss, a man who had a place in just about every secret society in Europe at that time. After that, unfortunately, not much is known for sure about the history of the Illuminati.
Chances are that you’ve actually heard of them before. They play common roles in fiction that has a conspiracy twist to it. They’ve appeared in the books The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons, played a central part in the Deus Ex and Area-51 videogames, and been in quite a few movies, such as Tomb Raider. Also, you’ve almost certainly seen their mark, the All-Seeing Eye. It’s an uncompleted pyramid underneath a giant, ominous eye. Every time you look at a dollar bill you see it. Could this be just a coincidence?
It is commonly believed by conspiracy theorists everywhere that the ultimate goal of the Illuminati is to create a New World Order. A world united by one government, one religion, one economic system under their power. There are actually quite a few organizations already in place that could definitely be helping to achieve this situation. One such organization is the United Nations. Because many people trust the U.N., it would be ideal for the Illuminati to use them as a middleman to implement their policies of a New World Order. To quote Encarta Encyclopedia, “Despite the challenges it faces, the UN will likely play an increasingly central role in international politics in the coming decades.” As time goes by, the UN is becoming more and more important to the world. It is commonly believed in the theorist culture that once the U.N. gets too important, they’re going to suggest uniting everyone under one central government, and because everyone loves them, the people will go along with it blindly. Yet another organization that may be in use by the Illuminati is the World Trade Organization. Another quote from Encarta Encyclopedia: “Since its creation, the WTO has attracted criticism from those concerned about free trade and economic globalization. Opponents of the WTO argue that it is too powerful because it can declare the laws and regulations of sovereign nations in violation of trade rules…” Some people fear this organization because they have the authority to completely alter a country’s economic system and force it into their own rules and regulations.
From the very beginning of the order, they have been against most, if not all, mainstream religions. Some actually blame them for setting up the whole controversy over priests molesting children. Why would they do something hideous like that? The answer is simple: to discredit the Catholic Church. If the Illuminati have their own set religion, they could introduce it into the mainstream while people are still questioning the Catholics. Most information on the true religious intent of the Illuminati is just opinions and no hard evidence, but there are many rumors around their religious motives that range from apocalyptic cults to prophecies of a chosen one to rise up and rule the world.
In the economic world, the Illuminati are already hard at work. They supposedly own several major corporations from behind the scenes. One such corporation is the European Central Bank, which teamed up with the European Union a few years ago to create the Euro. The Euro is a newer form of currency that 11 major countries adopted. It’s just one more agent of control, bringing the world under one economic system is likely soon to be completed, possibly within the next twenty years. The Illuminati also may have a hand in controlling the stock market flow. They keep the money flowing to wherever they want it to. The same would also be true for the general economy of every country in the world. The countries from which the Illuminati could gain are kept in a position to continue their growth and expansion, while nations that have seemingly no value, either now or in the future, are stopped from advancing altogether. Also, people that could potentially threaten the Illuminati’s power are not given the means to financially support an armed rebellion against the New World Order. The Enlightened One’s don’t want to give their enemies the opportunity to delay their progressive takeover.
Through the decades when suspicion has once again risen against them, the Illuminati have always been associated with the idea of advanced technology that civilians have no clue about. Most people are content thinking that the military has advanced weaponry that they don’t expose for whatever reason, but do people actually think about where those weapons and other equipment come from? If the government funded it normally, the records would be easily accessible for all to see. That’s why secret projects may be funded out of the Illuminati’s pockets. Another good question to ask would be, “Where is this technology made?” Area-51 is a possible answer to that question. Ever since it was first discovered, people have theorized about what’s been going on in those structures. Once the public obtained satellite photos proving its existence, the government quickly acknowledged that it does exist, but that nothing out of the ordinary goes on there. When the facility was checked out, nothing was found. Why would there be so much controversy over something if not even a few of the rumors were true? It is thought that the Illuminati paid for, or conducted personally, the research that went on in Dreamland, as it is sometimes called, and had everything moved out to another location before anyone could find it. Yet another plausible explanation for finding nothing out of the ordinary is that we may not have been shown the entire base. It may be very well true that there is more than meets the satellite photographs, meaning the chance of there being some kind of underground structure or another location altogether that is used for things the Illuminati doesn’t want advertised during the Super Bowl. Despite the highly restricted nature of the projects that took place in Area-51, some information has trickled through the cracks.
One such project is called “Aurora”. Apparently, its purpose was to create a next-generation stealth fighter craft. Rather than conventional jet engines, which can be easily used to detect modern stealth planes, the Aurora was being designed with a completely new type of propulsion system. Some of the more fanatical theorists believe that it uses some kind of gravity altering technology discovered from the Roswell crash site. In any event, it would be obvious that the Illuminati would not want this advanced technology to fall into the hands of those who would oppose them, hence the secrecy surrounding it. Ironically enough, however, once there was actual evidence that there was a top-secret project dubbed “Aurora”, even though its’ purpose could not be proven; it was rumored to have been abandoned.
Echelon is something else rumored to have been, at the very least, thought up in the base. The details of Echelon are even sketchier than those of the Aurora project; however, its intent is widely agreed upon. The ultimate goal of Echelon is to be able to collect and monitor any and all electronic forms of information from anywhere in the world. Some think that this is an organization working under the wing of the Illuminati, collecting anything they want from email to phone calls, television programs, radio shows, and pretty much anything else that sends out a signal. While it is very possible for such an organization or group of top-notch computer geniuses to hack into your phone just to laugh at the three second silence before a telemarketer recording starts, many other people believe that the Illuminati created the world’s most powerful computer to collect and interpret any form of electronic information that they’d like to keep their All-Seeing Eye on. Other than this, no one knows anything at all about Echelon, whether it was just a rumor, or if the project was altogether abandoned. Then again it’s possible that it has already been completed, or, with President Bush’s legalized eavesdropping act now in play, is hastily being worked on now that it has justifiable use.
It’s possible for many of people to have heard of nanotechnology at least once in their lives, and they’ve definitely heard of cloning. The Illuminati are suspected of starting the initial research surrounding the technology behind them, and even today continue to make well guarded advancements. The idea behind nanotechnology is to create machines that can be implanted in the human body to do amazing things. Some of these machines store personal data for later use, others closely monitor functions and vital statistics of your body, some of them are being developed with the hope of being able to help regulate and keep your body running in an ideal state (Helping to keep a steady blood pressure for example). Some movies and videogames even depict this technology as being able to augment human abilities to extraordinary levels, which, if the technology becomes advanced enough, could be possible. Cloning is another thing that the Illuminati are believed to have a hand in, the only backing behind this belief being that almost everything that they are accused of being involved in has to do with advanced technology and scientific concepts, and the general belief in the existence of MiB agents. Yes, that stands for Men in Black, but these guys aren’t Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones running around with laser guns and flashy-light-memory-erasy-type-things. People who have witnessed something that they really shouldn’t have (i.e. an alien space craft, or an unidentifiable black helicopter taking off from Area-51 although it is restricted air space and the government swears there is nothing going on in there) often also claim that soon afterwards, they are visited by someone or a small group of people wearing black, offering them the choice of either being quiet about what they saw, or finally finding out whether or not God exists. They are described as being completely devoid of emotion, and most accounts of them have these agents looking and sounding exactly alike, almost like they were cloned. In addition to all of this, some people actually swear that they saw a tattoo of the All-Seeing Eye on these men, usually on the back of the neck or on the wrist. These muscle men are thought, by the conspiracy community, to do the Illuminati’s dirty work.
It was mentioned before that this shadow organization is also thought to be responsible for the general state of the political world at any given time. Again, little to no evidence can be given to even begin to accurately speculate what exactly they’ve done or are doing, but many informed individuals have their own theories and ideas. Some sources also say that it’s possible that the War on Terror was a rouse to throw the world off-balance while the Illuminati slip in and take a firmer hold on things, taking advantage of the confusion and chaos that has swept through almost every country in the world, which has been growing since the beginning of the new millennium. It’s impossible to know exactly what to believe about the Illuminati primarily because of the lack of evidence pointing to, or discrediting, any given theory that one might discover.
Even after all of the information provided, it is very plausible to still retain the belief that there is no secret society Hell-bent on world domination, based on the very simple phrase that seems to have dominated these past few words: “there is little to no actual proof”. However, wouldn’t it be purely ignorant to blindly follow your president around without even questioning his motives? Is it really that far-fetched to think that someone is using the government as a scapegoat to hide their own agenda until it’s too late? I believe that the Illuminati are very real today, and are working very hard at the expense of others just to fulfill their own lust for power, and I can only expect that after reading this, one will at least stop to think a moment before throwing complete trust away to those who claim to be working in the publics best interests.

This is what I know.
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