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First of all, if you do not believe me then I am sorry. I am here to tell the truth, and nothing that is written by me is false exaggeration nor science fiction. This information is real, it is true, it is reality, and it is time for it to be told.

I was a member of the Illuminati for 47 years. I was recruited when I was 19 years old. I have posted here off and on over the past year. (Some of the posts are mine, others are my brothers, mainly they are his) The information that I am about to unfold is very revealing and very dangerous. I am one of seven people in the history of the Illuminati that have performed the “Departure” Ritual. I knew that I needed to get out when I had something revealed to me at a meeting in June of 2010. For years I was in line with the beliefs, motives, and actions of the Illuminati, but it recently became too much for me to bear, and I had to extinguish my sacred contract.

My reason for coming here is to reveal EVERYTHING about the Illuminati. How you become a member, what the organization is about, what the organization does, and the future plans that we have.

I will be back to make my first post when I can see that this thread has enough attention for me continue. Any time in the near future when I begin to reveal the secrets of the Illuminati, I need to ensure that there are enough people paying attention so that my efforts do not go to waste. Once I see that this thread has a substantial amount of views and replies, I will make my first post.

Here is a preview of some of the things that I will reveal:
Barack Obama is not a member of the Illuminati, he is something much, much worse.

The new “space flights” which are planes that can briefly enter orbit are not as fun as they seem, they are an Illuminati tool.

Denver, Colorado is an evil place

Aliens are a little different than what mainstream teaches us

The information I have is essential!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1161320

Before you start reading don't worry about my english skills just worry about the information(wrote this many times i do it fast not for intellectual satisfaction). I promise this is the most important thing you will ever read or hear in your entire life. Don't let your 'i know everything already' ego do u unjustice.... take your time and contact me if you'd like i am here for the people, always have been.

I have no proof of this guy being factual, but i know for a fact that i first started telling on the illuminati and its "master" entity in June of 2010, so it stuck out to me. Before i continue i want you to know i am real and you can contact me on facebook my name is Marshall Shelswell.

I was first introduced to the Illuminati in September of 2009 thanks to my Uncle(who died in June 2010). The following 3 months was my initiation. I went along with it out of curiosity. Some bibical things that you would not believe happened to me and on December 1st i was shown this all seeing eye symbol(check my facebook out). This entity that controls, runs and recruits the Illuminati took over my body(some would say possessed) and it showed me the sign with my hands. By this time the things i was shown and experienced had far outweighed my disbelief in anything. This entity that controls all, bribes the illuminati and other people of use with the most amazing feelings you could ever imagine; the best full body massages and sexual feelings that could never be duplicated by anyone else. I believe i am the only one brave enough and resilient enough to resist them, and yet i still find myself leaning back towards them but with intent that this entity change for me. I laugh at myself for being so simple, this thing is a slut and will have sex with everyone and anyone it can use. Look up anyone talking about having sex with a "ghost" it is actually this entity that is wanting to use them either for influence or other things. Kesha is one of them that talks about this. She admits selling her soul to this thing which pretends its the devil sometimes. I am not as gullible as those retards and can see that this is just an inter-dimensional being that expands through out the universe and controls all. I would have respect for it if it didn't behave the way it does, especially using evil and the title of the devil to scare or trick people. This thing is literally obsessed with me, even as i type this it is trying to bribe me and hurt me. I have gone through the most excruciating pains one could ever imagine but still wont break(maybe thats why its obsessed with me). It said it lost a bet so it can't kill me, sounds pretty outlandish to me(much like all of this info does to you). This entity has literally electrocuted my whole body and it squeezes my heart and brain and other horrible things, this is where being brave and tough pays off lol. It even put me in charge of the illuminati as an attempt to shut me up. It connects the illuminati telepathically and can even control their own thoughts, me being aware of this keeps it guessing and put me above it. I had to watch the news while linked up telepathically to people around the world and give my best advice on what to do. I went along with it for 3 years then got disinterested with taking so much blame. I am only 25 right now and like yourself would not believe anyone who told me this shit unless it happened to me. So if there's anyone who is involved in this and is brave enough i'd like you to come out and admit it with me. There are other beings , inter-dimensional and even in our 3rd dimension that respect me and our on the good side. They are much braver then these pussies you guys idolize(i fuckin hate rihanna/Kesha) and the rest of them celeberties sharing this thing like a sex toy. I hate to admit it(because it seems impossible) but my main mission is to take this entity away from the illuminati and use it for good. I havn't even told you guys the scary parts yet, which you don't need to know unless you have intent to spread the truth(which i know most won't because they don't want to look crazy). I am way past worrying about looking crazy. Because for all i know we only live once even though i have been told different(which i will believe when i see it just like this stuff), so with my one life i am trying to expose the truth and change this simple minded entity. There is so much more to tell but i know it is falling on useless ears because you guys know 'everything' already..am i right? If you contact me i will tell you what you want to know. I believe i have had the highest contact of anyone willing and trying to expose the truth, if not please direct me in their direction or if you happen to be reading this contact me. To the ones who won't bother contacting me ill tell you the scary parts just so the information is out their, even if in 50 years you bring it up it will matter. This thing must really dislike most of mankind because it is the direct result of all natural disasters. I know because on 2009 November 11th, i walked around my neighbor hood at midnight and this thing judged me, communicating with me through small earthquakes, 1 for yes 2 for no. It let me choose my age that i would die on and hinted at an afterlife. I am curious if anyone else made it this far or if i am truly alone atop this mountain of exsistance. In September of 2009(when i was first being shown) my favorite experience happened. It asked me if i would forgive all of mankind and i said i would, after i(or her, sometimes i can't tell) thought of certain examples. She then asked me to die for them all(after learning how messed up this entity is i don't know if it was just it messing around for its own entertainment). But after saying i would it gave me the best thing you could ever witness i sat on my deck and watched a "slideshow" in the clouds it was a reincarnation theme which scares the rest of the people in the know into keeping quiet if the pain it inflicts didn't do its job. She(i call this entity a she) made perfect animals in the clouds and was using the stars in the background as eyes(it was awesome) it even put yoda up there i don't know why, and in the middle of the slideshow it had a classic bearded god crying. I literally couldn't make this up. This entity controls the wind, it whispers in my ear with the wind as well as communicating many other ways; sometimes just thought. It even shines the sun down on you(moves the clouds) in a classic awakening moment. Now your wondering why its so destructive here on earth and i am leaning towards it just treating us as insects compared to it. But other beings have tried to tell me that this is literally hell for the universe. I wonder why it spoils some and tortures others though so who knows. Maybe the people it chooses have met her expectation for leaving hell. While i was busy with the news and making decisions i let it be known that i wasn't going to be quiet about this and every single disaster that happened during my "term" was blamed on me for telling everyone what was happening. If this wasn't crazy enough it gets crazier.. on the night of the "slideshow" in the clouds(side note: this entity is the best painter ever) 2 triangle Ufo's flew by showing me they were "connected", aware and that i was not alone(probably because i didn't want to be alone hence why i tell everyone). In 2011 i was at a friends cabin(a place where a had made a special connection with this entity and others) and i was looking up at the stars with wonder and a UFO came by and started communicating with me telepathically (it moves left for no and right for yes) it was basically telling me not to worry or be scared. I don't know if the E.t's are in the illuminati, help run it or against it but i know they are about love. In the last year or so(since i have been free of my duties) i have been going through hell, somethings i am scared to tell people about(imagine that). If anyone tries to tell you about the illuminati without including this all knowing entity i would not believe them. But i doubt anyone would be as crazy as me and give up what i have given up just to tell people something they cannot believe. At least this entity will never forget me as the one who would not succumb to it.

I have told these truths many of times so far and have yet to get peoples attention without them thinking i need help, but who would willingly ruin their own life to make something like this up. I never wanted to look crazy and was at a time in my life where i felt i was on top of the world before this happened to me. I still even wish i could go back to before this happened and carry my life on from there as it was promising. Don't waste your time calling me crazy or a liar, just leave and if your interested or know things that i know contact me and help me spread the truth, don't die holding on to this information. We can change the world.
 Quoting: Marshall Shelswell 3029979

whoa dude!? thats a crazy story. i've experienced enough to know that it is at least not out of the realm of possible. i think you should copy and paste this for its own thread. you may be surprised at the responses and if you want to get it "out" this is a good place to start.
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