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It makes me laugh how all these feeble little shits can comment and try and dissuade the reader from reading.

Truth be told, your weak. Your brainwashed by the media not to believe and if the illuminati win this prophesied battle of judgement day, you deserve to be slaves to the rich, skimming the faeces off their boots with your tongue. It's people like you that make the world weak.

illuminati's agenda is a lot deeper than you think.
There's some truth in the bible and the rest, is propaganda.

Lucifer is real, he is a fallen angel. But not the type with flapping wings and a tinted halo. He is in fact alien, who scorned and cursed against the other aliens/alien (god) for creating us. The illuminati have 13 bloodlines, no doubt type O negative, which is more alien than other blood types. 15% of the worlds population has this rare blood gene. We are the only species of animal that has a rheumatosis blood type (often found in cross species/Hybrids). we are in fact 96.7% genetically similar to an ape and 3.3% Junk DNA. Which no doubt sums up the theory of being a hybrid species. We were created many millennia ago by the Annunaki to do their work. The head honcho who created us wanted us to be equal but lucifer (if that's the real name) rebelled and refused to bow to any man.
He's been living on earth ever since, probably in a human conduit form, and no doubt leads the illuminati (ever heard of the saying, enemy of my enemy). If he can rule the world as a deity, he therefore defies God (the head alien who created us).

I guarantee, that's the agenda. The illumanti which is made up of 13 bloodlines, will probably be within the type O factored blood type. Which technically makes them more extraterrestrial than us. Which in theosis gives them more reason to enslave us as a race and bask in power and corruption.

Call me crazy.... But this makes a shit load more sense than Christianity.

You should read the book of Enoch.
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