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You people don't understand shit. Don't try to ask if you can "get in" the illuminati. It's only as real as you make it. There are makers and there are takers, most of you are parasitic traitors to your children's future, the earths environmental well-being, you have no heart for any animals (including insects), you promote the wholesale slaughter of children in Africa so you can purchase another diamond for your fat wife's disgusting cantankerous diseased diabetic hands, you drive down the roads but you bitch about the taxes needed to fund these exact roads, you can't hunt, you can't garden, you can't read above an 8th grade level (Stephanie Myers, JK Rowling anyone?), you can't draw, you can't paint, you are a fucking wage-slave and your happy at your post while you suck the last little bit of tolerance people of my ilk can have for you. There is the right to obey and the right to kill. Remember that, and also remember when WW3 comes and the dollar crashes again for the final time and shit goes haywire there will be NO SHELTER for you average fucking cows. All you do is chew your cud and shit over EVERYTHING and only one of us can walk away from this war and I don't imagine it's going to be the fat sick cattle that populate this earth. In the next ten to 20 years shit's gonna get real nasty and I pray for your intent because if you don't realize what this game is about even though you've been given EVERY FUCKING TOOL EVER NEEDED TOO YOU ARE TOO FUCKING DUMB and you DESERVE TO DIE. I don't judge any INDIVIDUAL, but as a whole you are disgusting, rabid and need to be put down and it's about to happen. Give it 50 years AT TOPS. Enjoy intelligent ones out there because you should be manically laughing right now because your finally gonna get yours. Being free is our birth-right, and if your not ready to fight to take this system down step the fuck back or get killed in the crossfire, your decision I could and many more like me, care less about you and everything your about, we've all heard your fucking pitiful stories before and we're tired of you draining us with your woe is me, entitled attitudes. We work everywhere, we are in EVERYTHING, every level of government, society, social class and we're all rearing to go. This coup de gras is simply waiting for the right time to be unleashed on this world. Good luck dumb people, you'll fucking need it, to the truly enlightened out there our waiting game is slowly but surely coming sooner than later. Signed i=23=7=333+(-1)= Is.Soon.=Comet Ison
 Quoting: What a joke 14562464

Okay - that's a nasty anti-Sheeple rant,
But it contains much truth.

I liked this statement I heard today:

"Preparation trumps Tools."
"An organised community trumps individual Preparation and Tools."
- the Founder of Oath-Keepers

There are (un-selfish) people out there, helping others to get ready, and be prepared
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