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You dont need to be illuminated to understand that which your eyes can see. However, denial closes those eyes and you see nothing. The media and entertainment industry have been selling or demise to us for decades. They exaggerate and sensationalize things to make them appear as fantasy or somehow enticing. The matrix ís one that anyone can cite. Human beings are batteries? Thats crazy, but its happening. Nanotechnology is starting to surface as a premier science. Revelations describes beasts with the teeth of lions and the tails of a scorpion biting and stinging rising out of the bottomless pit and blacjening the sky. Those beasts are a form of this self-evolving tech. Currently it incorporates chemtrail dispersals which are tagging you and self-replicating. Did anyone think they'd ask if you wanted to be "chipped?" Those same fibers replicate and construct other nanodevices with seperate applications. Those other devices biomine for elements like iron. That iron is used for respiration of bio-engineered kirigami spliced bacteria. After respiration the iron becomes oxidized and privides a more valueable element. Iron oxide is supramagnetic which can be manipulated in a variety of ways. MRI machines use this process to photograph your insides, but could be used to supress or neutralize you. Chemtrails are dispersed in the sky for a number of reasons. Dispersal fibers contain supercunductive mobius strip solar cells pairIRASed with fiber optics. Allowing for blocking the sky below or rendering of holographic imagery. Project blue beam. Some also believe Nibiru is a myth but the pile of evidence suggests otherwise. See IRAS and also brown dwarf. The evidence suggesting is outer planets having rings, retrograde orbits, earth's tilt, asteroid belt(s), oort cloud, comet trajectories and pluto. Not only is Nibiru evident, but it is destructive. Most plantetary systems tend to be binary ones and low mass moons are ill fated. Revelations mentions the sun blacked out and the moon turning red as sackcloth. Brown dwarfs are low-luminosity and red. It mentions time stopping, no rotation; death leaving-zombies; The opening of the bottomless pit, bermuda/dragon triangle vortex; and also the planets will fold up into the sun like scrolls. Did anybody ever notice that hell sounds strikingly similar to the surface of a star? That hell will be destroyed. Nibiru represents a balanced equation in a planetary system. Not only dies it exsist but it is necessary. See ancient sumeria, nibiru/marduk. I believe that wr tell ourselves that we are technology a technologically advanced society, but in reality we are the same as ancient sumerians attending mystery schools and being tricked by fallen angels to believe they are terrestrials trying to save us. Its what the gargoyle statue at the DIA-being looked down on by "protectors" because we are spiritually naieve. AuAg doesnt represent hep b. It stands for the longevity of life and good health through the consumption of gold and silver. Ever notice how the three wise men came bearing frankinscence/myhrr, gold and silver? Jesus used the frankinscence as a vessel for prayer, but why did he want money? He cooked fragments into his food to kill microorganisms as silver is used to dip surgical tools as an antiseptic. Thats why the current interest fir gold and silver-to keep you from getting it.
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