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These stories about the Illuminati are not true and 100% false. Aside from hearsay, I guarantee that the OP or anyone else who claims to have been recruited by the Illuminati cannot produce any proof or evidence whatsoever to back their claims.

The Illuminati do not recruit members in the way explained on this thread at all and they don't need to pass information on to another member. Whatever the OP got into for his 47 years wasn't the ILLUMINATI.

The beginnings of the Illuminati as a secret society happened in Bavaria about 300 years ago although it's true foundations are much much older and their symbol is not some pyramid, that's masonic. sadly the Masonic lodge decided that they wanted to join forces of the Illuminated ones on the pretense that they would work together. Sadly the illuminated were bullied into submission by the masons and went into hiding, they had a hidden agenda. To steal secrets and use them for wrong purposes.

Freemasons are the wannabe corrupt versions who try to use the secrets of the Illuminated. In laymen terms Freemasons are the made in china version of the illuminated. Cheap copies that get everywhere yet in the end everyone will see them for what they are, cheap unsatisfactory garbage. That's why we have a throw away, dysfunctional society.
Obama, Bush and Gerry McCann wouldn't stand a chance of being illuminated, their need for self importance and power is all too great to be of any benefit to others.

Do not confuse the hunger for power, wealth, popularity, a need to belong and control with illumination.

A good description of the Bavarian (true) Illuminati can be found on Wikipedia.

The goals of the organization included trying to eliminate superstition, prejudice, and the Roman Catholic Church's domination over government, philosophy, and science; trying to reduce oppressive state abuses of power, and trying to support the education and treatment of women as intellectual equals.

What you see in films and music videos, the symbolism is corrupted not illuminated.

And one cannot simply be recruited or kidnapped to join. Just laughable.
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