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Poster Handle Interdimensional warrior
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You do not 'join' the Illuminati. You are either born capable of Illumination or you're not. If you are, you're Illuminated by your creator.

If you're a conformist or believe anything you ever were taught, read or heard without verifying it empirically yourself, you are not and never will or can be Illuminated. There is no official 'Illuminati' , all of these persons claiming they are a 'member' are liars or are members of some fraudulent sham.

The real Illuminati is simply the intellectual pinnacle of humanity who can understand on a level 99.999 percent cannot and never will be capable of.

The Bavarian Illuminati was simply an intellectual war on superstition and it's control over humanity. It was destroyed by religious and political institutions and through negative propaganda, and had to go totally underground into a sort of 'splinter cell' type of non organization. An Illuminated person recognizes another. That is the only 'club' involved.

No Illuminated person seeks wealth or fame. most live and die without ever being noticed, but leave their mark on everyone they have any contact with indelibly nevertheless.

In order to be Illuminated you must be born with a superior brain that is not only capable of utilizing it's full capabilities, but is well connected neurologically between left and right hemisphere. It has nothing to do with religious beliefs or any kind of evil cult or conspiracy against humanity, it is exactly the opposite though some of the necessary goals to better humanity may seem evil to those who do not fit into a better world because of their own deficiencies.

For instance control and illumination of of deviant or abhorrent behavior, population control and eugenics may seem evil unless you realize the end goal is for the betterment of all humanity, but no person who would be singled out by it would ever think it was anything but evil, because they are not Illuminated and if they were they wouldn't be declared incomparable in an Illuminated world in te first place. No person would deny selecting the best cattle or horses for breeding would be reasonable, but all persons who would not be selected for a similar human endeavor would think it was insane or evil.

Essentially all Illuminated persons have an almost identical view of the nature of the universe and the meaning of their existence.

Illuminated persons can seem to communicate with each other without speaking because they already believe exactly the same things. There IS ONLY ONE TRUTh and all Illuminated persons see the truth!

The 'big secret' of the 'Illuminati' is very simple and fairly easy to understand for even those of lesser intelligence, and that is everything and everyone are part of a whole, and every thing we do to any part of the whole will have an effect on it, either negative or positive.

The true goal of all Illuminated persons is to implement positive change through human understanding and our ability to effect the whole through our actions.

No illuminated individual is an atheist or subscribes to any religious belief. Religion and atheism may seem to be the antithesis of each other but nothing could be further from the truth!

If there is anything more irrational and unintelligent than believing in a superstitious religion, it is in believing the Universe is not intelligent.

If you have any religious superstition, you are not illuminated. Believing te Universe is not of an intelligent , ordered design is an irrational, superstitious and RELIGIOUS belief,no child is ever born believing such a thing, it as to be taught to them.

What makes one Illuminated is being capable of independently resisting and rejecting any false doctrine, whether disguised as intellectual discipline or not.

Light has always been synonymous with knowledge, you 'shed light on a subject' you expose the truth about it. In it's simplest terms, illumination is being capable of shedding light on the truth to yourself independently and coming to the same conclusion as everyone else who is capable of that same thing because there is only one truth we could possibly all conclude interdependently about anything.

'All persons who call themselves "Illuminati' are frauds. No real 'Illuminati' would be eager to reveal itself to anyone else who was not because the end result is always the same.
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