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Poster Handle Life a Joke when your broke
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We all live and we all die, No matter how much money or how good of a job we get in life we still DIE why? Fight back against the Illuminati so that their can be Freedom if not for our Generation the next one. We have gotten too soft as a nation we need to RESIST. Now is the time...To Start a Revolution a Civil War against the NWO...wakeup people - break free from the matrix and religious alien and reptilian shit for one minute. Or the Television and reality TV or sports or whatever. Your life really is meanlingless and as you get older and go from one piss poor hospital to another awaiting for the next lie and the next eugenicide rx drugs. Why allow them to continue. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. We can't prevail over death. The Reaper will come for us all. But what we can do is add meaning to our existence. We have the power to change the World and stop the NWO now. So why are we still so afraid of them? It's not Terrorism when it's Self Defence? Am I right? They have raged a secret War against humanity. And they aren't shy about showing us all the details. Stop worried about the Consequences. Your life has NO meaning other than needing other things to "Entertain" your mind and People to Interact with. Save the next World from having their Minds raped by the TV and the Illuminati. Resist the New World Order. Take the Oath to defend our Land once again. And lets make humanity the 1% and them the 99% the Undesirables. Let's make a difference. Break free from Religion and Work and priorities in life. Their is no priority that takes precedence other than Freedom and Privacy. Don't let them turn humans into Zombies or Labor Machines. Fight your oppressors this War is long past your Doorstep. It's in your homes your family is becoming more like the Illuminati everyday with their constant brainwashing. Stop the Illuminati before they convert your family into Big Fucking Brother! YOu nothing to lose than your life but you lose this ANYWAY...That is my point?
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