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Poster Handle the risen stone wolf
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"On "Wolf Day" 2/14/2014 I am to marry Lucifer and become his 5th wife! Long has this day's holiday awaited to serve it's purpose! After all my name is the "Resurrected Stone Wolf". I have been given the great honor to marry into the family. As of now my ring is on my little finger. After the ceremony and unity candles united. I will move the ring to my left ring finger. The ring is an enchanted gift from my lover and tells a different story each time I gaze into the jewel. "Behold I bestow unto you, the most beautiful of my wives, my dearest sapphire blue, she's frozen for 300 years, my society is to tend to all her needs and tears." The silver ring has four windows of blue melded green accompanied by two similar hearts surrounding the blue Sapphire blue jewel in the shape of a curved triangle. The outside two of the windows are rectangles with the length being wider than the width. The inner other two are scalene triangles pointing towards the jewel. The jewel itself is a reuleaux triangle.with the setting the grasps the jewel from three sides being small silver hearts. The four windows represent the four that are witnesses and helped ease Anastasia in the week prior to the ceremony by contract. The two rectangles represent the males Azazel and Bael who both had an equal interest in her life and so have equal sides but aren't equal in interests. Bael is to bless Anastasia with fortune after a decade from the joining of her and Lucifer. The decade of poverty is to symbolize and imprint individuality regardless to their lovers unity. Azazel is to enforce, care for and to protect her. The scalene triangles represent the females Astaroth and Lilith both have different interests but aren't equal. Astaroth wishes Anastasia to have 12 children in her 300 years. Out of these twelve children only six will be raised by her the others will be sacrificed to Lucifer and his other wives in this glorious place. Lilith only wishes Anastasia will stay true to Lucifer's heart. The two big heart on both sides of the jewel represent both Lucifer and Anastasia becoming one. Lucifer's symbolic heart is to to right for it's slightly bigger and not slightly imperfect like Anastasia's. While with all five of the hearts together; Anastasia's heart is the right one and Lilith on the left because of Anastasia's beauty. With all five jewels around the one jewel represent the five wives surrounding the most beautiful of them all, the jewel, Lucifer. A celebration is but 3 days away! Afterwards, all of you lightened should all know what to do. Get to it!"

Now that's my turn to talk or type or whatever I just wanted to say hi. I'm really excited about all this but I'm also like REALLY confused on whats going on. I love it though I'm kinda just going with the flow and watching and experiencing eveyrthing. I'm pretty suree you guys are going nuts cause i noticed you just joined like 4 days ago so i figure you guys were told too plus he said it.. Sooo i have a lot quesitons because one thing i didnt ask for is knowledge because i don't need to know everything ingorance is bliss but questions i have are more like my history... ive noticed theres like a lottt of stuff thats just lined up like fate! I also get deja vu like crazyy.. uhmmm.. yeah i also imagine you guys questions for me.. id give you my number but hes telling me not to that you guys will know where to go.. i would like an answer back though to me not to him.. you guys know how to do that already i figure ok cool bye

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