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Message Subject Obama on the bus
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Hello, i know this was done like a year ago, but i am really intrigued, i'm only 16 years of age and have been alerted of the illuminati by rappers and the other article by opie. Have you kept having these dreams? And were you previously researching the illuminati before you got the dream?
 Quoting: JusticeSeeker 14260236

My husband knew nothing of the illuminati or aliens or the reptilian stuff on the internet...he doesn't use the computer hardly at all and doesn't read alternative things, this is just to say that his dream means more because he wasn't 'programed' by what he read...

He dreamt he was in D.C. and the white house was falling down...big chuncks falling...he was with his cousin who is a tribal representative there and is gay.

As they were running out of the building, they passed obama. He had been struck by falling debri. Obama was split open and the skin of a snake could be seen through the wound.

The cousin started to go back for 'romantic' reasons and my husband told him that Obama was married. Obama hissed, "No, I'm NOT!"

so the cousin went back for Obama and my husband left.

End of Dream 2009

My husband is the great grand son of the last recognised Medicine Man of his Tribe. His dreams are usually important.
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