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Message Subject Was Sonny Liston told to fall by the MOB or by the MUSLIMS?
Poster Handle Don Ricardo
Post Content
"I have much respect for Clay as a fighter, but I lost a lot of respect for him as a person when he joined the Black Muslims, particularly when he gave them credit for helping him win the championship. Cassius has made no secret of his devotion to Black Muslimism. He boasts of it, parades and flaunts it whenever he can. He constantly raises racial issues. By calling me a "Black White Hope" and by several other ill-advised and intemperate remarks, he has continually damaged the image of American Negroes and the civil rights groups working on their behalf. No decent person can look up to a champion whose credo is "hate whites." I have nothing but contempt for the Black Muslims and that for which they stand".

Floyd Patterson (boxer)
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