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Message Subject Was Sonny Liston told to fall by the MOB or by the MUSLIMS?
Poster Handle punch drunk
Post Content
Ali joined the nation of Islam in 1964, he fought Liston in 65. He changed his name almost immediately after winning the fight.

Gee pal... guess me & you are Dumb & Dumber!
 Quoting: Don Ricardo


sonny walked into a straight right thrown by ali while planted on the right foot and fullshoulder turn and hip twist delivered with precision by the greatest artistic fighter of all time who just so happens to have an 81 inch reach with wrist the size of most mens ankles and a fist that was twice the size of most men ....a hamhock among hamhocks[no disrespect intended ]

sonny got knocked the fk out...he was told to dive in an earlier round but didnt and thats whats lost the mob money..

he didnt like ali and wanted to kick his ass...fuck the mob ,to sonny this was personal...ali caught him clean walkin in and dropped him ...simple as that ..end of story ..sonny died a fighter not a diver....the mob killed him for not taking the dive in the round he was told to.....

rip Sonny...enjoy the rematch
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