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Message Subject Was Sonny Liston told to fall by the MOB or by the MUSLIMS?
Poster Handle Don Ricardo
Post Content
Referee Jersey Joe Walcott never counted to 10, but while trying to get Ali into a neutral corner, at least 17 seconds passed. When Liston finally rose, the fight resumed. However, when Walcott was told by a journalist how long Liston was down, he raised Ali's hand in victory.

Nearly four decades later, it hasn't been resolved if Ali actually landed the punch -- "the phantom punch" as it's often referred to -- that floored Liston. One of Liston's assistant trainers later said Liston threw the fight for fear of being murdered by Black Muslims.

While Liston publicly denied taking a dive, Sports Illustrated writer Mark Kram said that years later Liston told him, "That guy [Ali] was crazy. I didn't want anything to do with him. And the Muslims were coming up. Who needed that? So I went down. I wasn't hit."

[link to espn.go.com]
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