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Message Subject Was Sonny Liston told to fall by the MOB or by the MUSLIMS?
Poster Handle michael
Post Content
Why do you think that Sonny Liston did'nt train much for the first fight against Cassius Clay...When you know your going to lose why train....Liston was a 7-1 favorite...Clay was scarrrrrred out of his whits...why do you think Clay was the first one to see Liston spit out his mouth piece in fight one...because he was looking for it...he knew the muslims wanted to control the heavyweight championship and the money it brought in...Clay wanted to change his name before the first fight...the fight promoters talk'd him out of it...Sonny Liston had a right to be scared out of his wits...the black muslims kill'd more white cops then any organization on earth...Fight 2 Liston did absolutley the right thing in makeing it look like a fix...because it was..Evan Clay ask'd his corner did I hit him?????....Clay was the greatest big mouth & self promoter of all time...A chicken to fight for America the country that made him rich...He call'd himself the greatest..I don't think he was...takes a lot of skill to lean against the ropes and let a guy punch himself out..Clay could take a lot of punishment I'll give him that....Why do you think when Clay fought Patterson he let him stay up for 12 rounds to punish him he said...NOOOOOOOOOO, Liston beat Patterson twice in round one...Clay had to beat Patterson so bad for justification of himself...Sugar Ray Robinson, pound for pound...I also think Joe Louis, and personally the best fighter I ever saw pound for pound was Ruben Oliveras....I think they all would have beat Clay pound for pound...So if your gullible enough to believe Clays self promotion as the greatest...you go right ahead...I watch'd a lot of Cassius Clay fights over the years...take my word for it middleweight fights are much more exciting then watching the self proclaim'd greatest of all time laying on the ropes letting his opponent punch himself out because he could take punishment better than the other guy....I think if they'd have fought in America where Foreman was liked and felt comfortable...Clay would have lost lost 8 fights instead of 5...2 to Liston and one to Foreman ... Clay knew that...He had to get Foreman down in Africa where they all belived Clays self promotion and he knew Foreman did'nt want to fight there.....as it was the greatest was 56-5.....what happen'd those 5 times...let the "greatest" explain that.
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