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Message Subject Massive Illuminati Data Dump at 9 PM eastern
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

thanks for posting this synopsys.

Looks like most (of the idiots) havent bothered to infest this thread yet.

I know, eventually I'll be canned for THAT comment.

This might (hopefully) be a good place for the more respectful and mature (read..less volatile...more considerate) readers to continue the discusssion, hopefully OP will quietly drop in from time to time to engage with us here.

Im a similar age to he, have genuine personal knowledge of the curent existance of The Temple Knights, but thats another story for another time and place.

It however, does explain MY personal reasons for giving OP credit and why I am interested in his further revelations as and when he feels he is ready to continue.

I also understand that at our age, well you get a bit bored with life, youve done most of the things you have had an interest in, not much is new anymore, and well, whose got what to prove anymore?

Most of our lives have already been lived, and I for one rarely feel that I have any need at all to dance to anyone elses tune, but of course that is only me and I only say it to give a little insight for readers so that they might gleen some understanding of how I and most likely OP see life from an older age.

Hope this helps.

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