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Message Subject Massive Illuminati Data Dump at 9 PM eastern
Poster Handle Himie
Post Content
hey guys,

I have a couple questions... first let me say, if dude is on the level, well, he shows great strength in coming forward... we can only hope more people can fight the allure of money and women and do the right thing.. I often do the right thing in life, and usually get fucked royally for it. Hopefully, that's just an unfortunate byproduct of being me, and not the general rule...

but I digress... what I originally wrote to say is this... thanks to the popular tv show, SuperNatural, I think many of us are somewhat familiar with the burying the bones / blood thing at the crossroads. There was an entire episode based around it where the hell hounds came to get you after your 10 years of wealth and fortune...

so my question is this. Basically, from reading the OP's words, he was given a choice at gunpoint; Submit or Die... So if that is truly the case, can one enter in to a pact with the devil at gunpoint? And, there was no mention of the Devil showing up to seal the deal, or even a mention of him making the deal. According to the OP, the original deal / offer was made prior to the burying at the crossroads, which seems counter to what we know on this subject. Not that I am an expert mind you, and I am quite interested in anyone with real literature or other proof on this subject not associated with hollywood bullshit and mainstream liars. So, in conclusion, with a gun to your head, no demon or devil to show up to make a deal, and an offer made prior to the ritual burial, is the guy in any way obligated to the devil for this pact?

Is there a Judge Judy on Afterlife tv that would enforce this deal? For that matter, does the guy even understand the significance of burying the bones and blood at a crossroads? Cuz prior to that particular episode of Supernatural, I had no idea about it.

Just something that came to mind, thought some of you might have some insight...
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