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Message Subject ALERT!!! This is How the Mass Bird Death Happened - The New Madrid Fault may produce MASSIVE EARTHQUAKE soon!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Updated the Title to "could be" instead of "is"

I feel a hardline belief could turnoff some readers and would be an innappropriate title for a pin or other media site posting.

Actually, I'd remove Arkansas from the title aswell, considering there's dead birds in tennesse and kentucky aswell. 3 of the 7 states affected by the new madrid fault zone.

The only thing that doesn't add up, is the dead birds in louisiana and L.A.(california)? Or is it implicating something far worse?

i haven't heard of any dead birds in L.A., only louisiana....

i think the OP could really be right on this one for a new madrid quake, but if there are dead birds in los angeles too, then something much bigger is up.
 Quoting: gamerprincess81

The abbreviation of Louisiana is LA. It's possible someone misread it and thought it meant Los Angeles.
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