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Message Subject ALERT!!! This is How the Mass Bird Death Happened - The New Madrid Fault may produce MASSIVE EARTHQUAKE soon!
Poster Handle Gabriel's Sword
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The granddaddy of them all was the 1811-1812 series of three great quakes on the New Madrid Fault (halfway between St. Louis and Memphis beneath the Mississippi), which shook the entire United States. The next time the New Madrid Fault produces such a quake, it is estimated 60 percent of Memphis will be devastated, leaving $50 Billion in damage and thousands of dead in its wake. Memphis, you see - like Armenia - has looked down the barrel of a loaded seismic gun for decades, but has done virtually nothing to move out of the crosshairs.

IT did NOT shake the ENTIRE USA. And most knowledge now confirms id did NOT ring church bells in Boston.

And if 60% of Memphis was destroyed, it would be urban renewal. Have you ever been to that shithole?
And the epicenter was in New Madrid Missouri, created the Real-foot lake in Kentucky. Geologist have been radiocarbon dating the sand blows in the fields in the region for decades.

I could go on, but I used to teach at the university and your kind is so boring!
 Quoting: ChuckE

You need to get your facts straight. Reelfoot lake is 99% in TN around Lake County. Only a very small sliver of it extends in Fulton Co, Ky, how do I know this? I live in Fulton Co. Just a few miles from the New Madrid fault and Miss. R. I have quite a bit of literature, letters, newspaper articles and such from the era. It was felt all the way to the Rockies and had damage all the way to Savanna on the coast, buildings were damaged several hundred miles away from here and yes their were many reports of church bells ringing in the New England area.
Several lakes were formed after a quake then when the next quake struck the land uplifted again and the water rushed back towards the river. River boat captains said that only the very tops of trees well over 120 ft tall would peer out of the water. The shaking was so intense the gigantic trees were thrown into the air roots and all leaving only a small remnant of trees left. Waterfalls formed on the river that lasted for months until the river ate them down. A volcano formed in Arkansas that the Indians traveled for three days and nights from it's glow.
People went mad due to the pressure in their heads during the quake and ran away never to be seen. Whole Indian villages were swallowed up when the earth opened up and claimed them. The fissures would run for tens of miles and peoe would travel for many days trying to find a way to cross it. When these quakes occurred it didn't last just a. Few seconds but for a long time.

When these quakes occurred their was strange lights in the skies before hand. They were so bright you could read a paper in the middle of the night.

I have lived here my whole life and I hear booms all the time. Not everyday but every once in a while like maybe once a week. I also feel the ground rumbling underneath. No earthquake would be registered but you can feel something sometimes. The last earthquake I felt really good was about two years ago and it was located in Indiana.

If anybody wants to know what it would be like today to have a series of quakes go off like it did 200 yrs ago, get the book "The Rift" by Walter J. Williams. It has lots of old letters and articles in it from 200 yrs ago.

Sry for any mispellings for it is hard to type on the phone accurately.
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