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Message Subject ALERT!!! This is How the Mass Bird Death Happened - The New Madrid Fault may produce MASSIVE EARTHQUAKE soon!
Poster Handle SteganosV
Post Content
SO2 = Rotten egg odor, sulphur dioxide is lethal and makes me think of the "canary in a coal mine."

CO2 = Carbon dioxide is lethal and makes me think of "Limnic Overturn" volcanism that occurs in lakes/oceans killing (aquatic life, land mammals, people) all that comes into contact within a range of sixteen miles+ on land near lakes.

I'd provide a link to wikipedia for more credibility to my statement(s), but I'm lazy like that.

The piezoelectricity remark piqued my interest and has provided me with more knowledge about nature. I believe the combination of SO2 release and piezoelectricity could work hand-in-hand to the bird die-offs.

I believe the release of CO2 or "Limnic Overturn" is the main culprit in global aquatic die-off. Again, Google "Limnic Overturn Volcanism" and you'll be led to links on African lakes that have experienced Limnic Overturn and is now wide-spread throughout the oceans and waterways of our planet, but is rarely reported correctly through lame stream media sources.

I hope this helps in your search for truth as we continue to connect the global cataclysmic dots.

Upward and onward . . .
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