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Message Subject ALERT!!! This is How the Mass Bird Death Happened - The New Madrid Fault may produce MASSIVE EARTHQUAKE soon!
Poster Handle Gizzie
Post Content
SO2 = Rotten egg odor, sulphur dioxide is lethal and makes me think of the "canary in a coal mine."

CO2 = Carbon dioxide is lethal and makes me think of "Limnic Overturn" volcanism that occurs in lakes/oceans killing (aquatic life, land mammals, people) all that comes into contact within a range of sixteen miles+ on land near lakes.

I'd provide a link to wikipedia for more credibility to my statement(s), but I'm lazy like that.

The piezoelectricity remark piqued my interest and has provided me with more knowledge about nature. I believe the combination of SO2 release and piezoelectricity could work hand-in-hand to the bird die-offs.

I believe the release of CO2 or "Limnic Overturn" is the main culprit in global aquatic die-off. Again, Google "Limnic Overturn Volcanism" and you'll be led to links on African lakes that have experienced Limnic Overturn and is now wide-spread throughout the oceans and waterways of our planet, but is rarely reported correctly through lame stream media sources.

I hope this helps in your search for truth as we continue to connect the global cataclysmic dots.

Upward and onward . . .
 Quoting: SteganosV 6840263

Hmmmmmm, would these gases come from volcanic activity etc, maybe magma rising to the surface worldwide??? A lot of people, including myself and Ninrez have said that magma is seriously moving a lot under our feet, could they cause gasses to be released, fishes to die, birds to get knocked out, make activity high in volcanoes, more intense EQS been happening last few weeks, New volcanic Island forming, El Hierro having strange activity, Yellowstone showing weird activity, people feeling tired,sick & having balance problems, weather patterns messed up (Late winter) etc etc, some dots for you.........EDIT: Shit, there is this thread too:

Thread: Massive Methane LEAK in Arctic sea - the End is Nigh

How about more......Think on these...

If you have a gas stove or burner, turn it on (without igniting it)and look through where the gas is releasing, what do you see???? You see the gas distorting the view, like shaky waves...... What have we been seeing in the skys??? Haziness.....the sky has been hazy alot and looks misty. The moon at night appears to have an Halo, this maybe could be gases in the air distorting the light coming from the moon...

Now, they have been chem trailing for years haven't they....What if they are either spraying that shit to dissolve the gases being released OR what if they are constantly chem trailing to keep the gas trapped high up so it doesn't drop back down..........

This is just a thought as well, people have been complaining on here about the sky looking a red/orange/pink color lately, could the gasses be causing the sky to look like this when the sun and moon light is shining on the gases???
The gasses sort of distorting the light maybe...........I don't know, just throwing ideas out there....
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