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Subject In the movie Mars Attacks! the aliens hated birds (a dove)... wtf??
Poster Handle now I'm an official woo-w
Post Content
Remember when they let go of the "dove of peace" at the meeting site in the desert?

It freaked out the aliens.

That movie, Mars Attacks!, has practically an all-star cast with lots of woo-woo stuff in it.

Am I the only one who wonders if there was something to this?? The birds dying of trama, just like the dove?

Aw jeez, I just proof-read and I don't even beleive that I could have connected millions of dying birds all over the world AND fish too.... with this crazy movie.

Oh, and remember, it was the yodeling song that killed them.. WHO WAS THAT SINGING? Was it Slim Pickins??

Anyhoo.. anybody else got any really 'out there' theories?
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