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Message Subject LLLLL AMAZING VIDEO!! Chemtrails....dark magic in our skies...NO VISIBLE PLANE! ILLLLLLLL
Poster Handle oeroe2911
Post Content
100% Proof UFOs are spreading Chemtrails. Its a virus.


[link to www.theforbiddenknowledge.com]

A great many people throughout Europe and other Plague stricken regions of the world were reporting that outbreaks of the Plague were caused by foul-smelling "mists". Those mists frequently appeared after unusually bright lights in the sky. The historian quickly discovers that "mists" were reported far more frequently and in many more locations than were rodent infestations. The Plague years were, in fact, a period of heavy UFO activity.

What, then, were the mysterious mists? There is another very important way in which plague germs can be transmitted; through germ weapons. The US and the Soviet Union today have stockpiles of biological weapons containing bubonic plague and other epidemic diseases. The germs are kept alive in canisters which spray the diseases into the air on thick, often visible, artificial mists. Anyone breathing in the mist will inhale the disease. There are enough such germ weapons today to wipe out a good portion of humanity. Reports of identical disease-inducing mists from the Plague years strongly suggest that the Black Death was caused by germ warfare. Let us take a look at the incredible reports which lead to that conclusion.

[link to www.google.com]

 Quoting: oeroe2911

actually we (my wife,children and myself) came down with a terrible flu just the next day I made the first video!
And beleave me, this is a verry bad flu!!
redface redface redface
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