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Subject Obama’s Hawaiian Vacation Rental was Illegal
Poster Handle CrazyJarhead
Post Content
“Illegal” is such an ugly word. Instead, let’s say that the rental wasn’t … properly documented. And before any Birthers e-mail me: Yes, yes, I know. “Neither is he.”

Something for Darrell Issa to add to his list?

President Barack Obama’s two-week stay at his Hawaii Winter White House was illegal under a long-standing Honolulu ban on short-term rentals.

Obama did not break the law by staying at the house, but the property owner who rented his house to the Obamas does not have the permit that would allow a stay of fewer than 30 days…

“They were here for about two weeks, approximately, but I don’t want to get into the contractual issues,” Weinberg said. “They don’t have to rent it for 30 days but you have to leave a 30-day window. I had to make sure that during that period, either 15 days after them or 15 days before them, I can’t rent it. And that was the case with (the Obamas).”…

[link to hotair.com]
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