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Message Subject BREAKING: Shift of Earth's magnetic north pole impacts Tampa airport!
Poster Handle andrew
Post Content
O.M.G. who the hell is writing this;

The current magnetic north pole is lying underneath the Arctic Sea and will more than likely land in Siberia before we know it, but the bigger concern would be a complete shift of the poles. According to the New York Post, while it wouldn’t bring on the destruction of Earth, it would in fact change things like which direction vultures circle in, where animals prefer to live and move their herds to, birds flying south for the summer and north for the winter and things of that nature. Nothing too bad right?

blink crazy nothing too bad nothing uhoh
 Quoting: dc 1219276

yes, yes..

Roswell was a weather baloon

JFK was killed with a single bullet

UFO's are swamp gas

and birds died.. from FIREWORKS!..
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