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Vortex Anomoly on Google Earth, Space, Mars and Moon poles

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1219489
United States
01/06/2011 12:36 PM
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Vortex Anomoly on Google Earth, Space, Mars and Moon poles
I sure have found it interesting that the same pins I have on Google Earth for the north and south poles (which are both shown as vortex mosaics) are also positioned right on the poles for both Mars and the Moon when I switch viewers!

What was even stranger was when I switched to the Space view and found there were star vortexes at the same pin locations!

Now maybe it is all just a glitch in the Google mapping, but I got a chill up my little spine considering the concept of the spheres within the spheres that the ancients modeled so frequently.

I have found some other interesting correlations between the stars and the major features of the planets, really makes me wonder about the "As Above So Below" concept even more!