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Message Subject !!! -> More Dead Birds - Dead Birds in Sweden
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It's the DOME!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 433020

force field in the sky, and sea? missile defense systems up, due to the north and south Korean, China and Japan tensions?

or, something else, like in the movie Signs @ 8:00 segment.

Eleven a.m. They're gone.

Beat. Graham looks at the TV screen. There's a daylight
shot of Mexico City. The skies are empty above it.

But they're not really gone. We
just can't see them. Early this
morning a bird flew right at the
area where the lights were hovering
last night.

Merrill puts a finger in the sky on the screen.

It stopped dead in the air and fell
straight down.

Merrill's finger trails to the bottom of the screen.

They caught it on tape and they've
been playing it all morning. They
found the bird. His head crushed
in. When you see the footage it
looks like the bird flew into a
wall in the sky.

They think they have some invisible
shield thing going, like an optical

The bird could have had a heart
attack and crushed his head when he

Already thought of. Two other
birds did the same thing an hour
later. Not as dramatic. They
lived. But you could see they hit

Graham looks at the empty sky on the screen with different

They're still there hovering. In
fact, some people think there's
more of them now. All over the
place. Over us even.
And there's a theory about the crop
circles now. They think it could
be some kind of landmark, visual
mapping system -- so they can
navigate. Coordinate. Makes sense
doesn't it?
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