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-----> HOLY SHIT! Look at the Magnetosphere!!! <-------

It's a white out!
User ID: 1220120
01/06/2011 06:53 PM
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-----> HOLY SHIT! Look at the Magnetosphere!!! <-------
Can somebody please post a screenshot?
[link to www2.nict.go.jp]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1220188
United States
01/06/2011 08:03 PM
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Re: -----> HOLY SHIT! Look at the Magnetosphere!!! <-------
Check this out from www.urbansurvival.com

One of those people I have known for a very long time (pushing 50 years, some to think of it) is a friend who lives in SoCal and who's a very successful businessman and a ham radio operator Anyway, I walk into the office this morning and find this amazing email he's written me which brings up a damn fine question which may be related to the recent changes in earthquakes and a whole lot of other geophysical phenomena. Read it yourself and it's graceful how he takes the obvious data and asks a terribly logical question...

As you might know the earth is loosing it's magnetic strength and is changing it's magnetic position.

The BIG question is: Is our man made electrical grid all over the earth that is transmitting 50 or 60 cycles of high energy into the earth part of the problem. If you know how magnetism works you would know what I'm talking about,

The low frequency of 50 to 60 cycles per second of alternating current is a perfect field for degaussing.

That is to say, a field of alternating current that is perfect for de-magnetizing . Maybe this shouldn't be taken lightly, I don't know.

It is a proven fact and many devices take advantage of this demagnetizing field. To name just a few.. Audio tapes have routinely been erased in bulk by putting them into the alternating magnetic field, the old color picture tubes needed degaussing/(de-magnetizing) every so often, some stores use the field to disconnect their security tags, but these small applications are nothing compared to the massive word wide electrical system grids.

As civilization has expanded so has the electrical grid of alternating current all around the world. World wide we are using a great deal more electrical power and as such putting more into the ground. Think about any local city and think about all the extremities to the electrical grid as they flow through every ones house and place of business. Every wire that is under load will emit a small amount of this degaussing energy.

Have we gone to far??

This thought came to mind when I was reviewing the Coral Castle information & the gentleman there would transmit through the earth a magnetic field. Then I thought about all our power lines all over the earth and just wondering what effect they have on our planet. I guess the real question is who do you ask?? Maybe you know the answer??

My, oh my. This is a tough one, particularly since the movie "The Core" was about just some of the effects of the Earth losing its magnetic field. From Wikipedia's entry about the film's plot:

"After a series of strange events over the world connected by variances in the Earth's electromagnetic field, leading geology expert Dr. Josh Keyes (Aaron Eckhart), a University of Chicago professor, teams with Serge Leveque (Tchéky Karyo) and Conrad Zimsky (Stanley Tucci) to learn that the rotation of Earth's molten core is slowing down, leading eventually to the collapse of the electromagnetic field which will expose the surface to the Sun's lethal radiation."

If you remember your history of electronics, there was a very key turning point in electronics early on when Thomas Edison was arguing for a direct current (DC) distribution system while Nikola Tesla and George Westinghouse were promoting alternating current, or AC systems. This is well-described in the literature as "the War of Currents" and the Wikipedia entry here offers a lot of insight into the issues.

Humankind made a key leap - when it chose to head down the alternating current path. It would be years - about a century, in fact - before the advent of high efficient DC-DC conversion would become commonplace; a result of advances in transistors and related solid-state technology.

This leads my long-time ham radio buddy to task this horribly simple question. And if you remember your National Electrical Code, you no doubt know full well about the requirements that we have all systems "grounded" with what are typically 8-10 foot grounding rods at the service entrance of all homes. Is there a correlation between the installation of such grounds and geomagnetic field weakening?

We might be guided - or at least informed - in such matters by a quote attributed to Tesla in 1925:

"There is no thing endowed with life—from man, who is enslaving the elements, to the nimblest creature—in all this world that does not sway in its turn. Whenever action is born from force, though it be infinitesimal, the cosmic balance is upset and the universal motion results. "

Of you have a little time on your hands and want to sketch up a graph which we could kick around, here's the data sets to look for:

Set 1: The number of electrified homes and businesses by year with approximate power consumption by year, thereby tabbed and used as one data set. E.g. x number of kwHrs per year globally.

Set 2: The reciprocal of the earths magnetic field strength, again by year, such that you'd have a higher number the lower the field went. This would line up the AC kwHr data and the decline in magnetic field data.

Please send it along as an .xls or .xlsx format spreadsheet with embedded charts and we'll share the results with people.

Is it possible - I mean just wildly so - that because we took a turn down the AC path instead of DC that we somehow set up long-term conditions which are now cascading us toward a collapse of the magnetosphere and, in turn, ending life as we know it?


Sitting down with the first cup of coffee for the day, a lot of extensions of this question come to mind. For example, in answer to "Where does the magnetism come from?" one has to wonder if the north-south oceanic currents (like the slowing Gulf Stream, just to name one, m ight somehow be involved in all this. Maybe there's some ultra long-term effect of water rubbing over earth, that might slowly magnetize a planet over eons of time. Just as stroking a magnet along a steel bar tends to magnetize the bar...

Lots to think about, but a fine question indeed, and thanks to my friend Vince for asking. Maybe someone with some real expertise can line up the data and show us if there's a correlation.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1216366
United States
01/06/2011 08:47 PM
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Re: -----> HOLY SHIT! Look at the Magnetosphere!!! <-------
Doesn't matter what man does. The sun is way bigger. Beyond imagination bigger.

And then there's the rest of the galaxy.

Read "Not by fire, but by ice" from [link to www.IceAgeNow.com] to understand what's happening. You will be glad you did (although it's very scary).