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Message Subject Pole Reversal Going On Now! *Compiled List Of Proof * (UPDATED 02-07-11)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
NiNzReZ, nice put together. I too believe many different events recently were influenced by a changing magnetic field. Though, I haven't spent much time researching current conditions in the mag field for the last year or so, until recently.

There are many things we can predict to happen during a magnetic polar reversal or shift. I also feel there will be a few unique forces of change which we are completely oblivious too.

But maybe historical evidence can point to things, clues about the magnetic reversals/shifts. One thing that is evident around the world long ago was the use of massive stone. Pyramids and other massive stone structures are found around the world and were created in roughly the same era of time.

Then the stone construction seems to get smaller gradually through out time. We must recognize gravity as a variable force instead of a fixed force.

I believe there will be a massive reduction in gravity during and after a magnetic reversal. After all, these energetic systems are all bound by the laws of nature and all are from the same source, the Earth.

Should the magnetic field strengthen and weaken over time, the force of gravity should also be roughly variable in relation to the physical changes in teh Earths Core.

Oceans will rise, our atmosphere will expand (greater radiation shielding), our bodies will feel less stress and require less energy pound per pound. And it will be possible once again to build massive stone structures.

Imagine if a 100'x100'x100' chunk of sandstone weight equivilant to styrofoam. Accuracy would be easy.

Through out history, the gravity increases in strength again. Eventually many places will fall back down into the Earth again. Atlantis is a good example.

Space travel will be easy with weaker gravity as much less energy will be required to escape the Earths Pull.

So there we have it. Once the Magnetic Fields flip and snap the force of Gravity will be broken temporarily for a short time. Then it will reinstate but weaker and it will take Centuries to increase all over again.
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