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Message Subject Pole Reversal Going On Now! *Compiled List Of Proof * (UPDATED 02-07-11)
Poster Handle EW
Post Content
Ah, OP..... I'm glad others are so happy with your work.

But I see no links.. NOT ONE! from Foxx News. I see NO LINKS from CNN. OR MS NBC. OR ABC.

Not even CBS.

And you want me to believe what you are saying?

Can't you at least link a credible story to the Wash Post or NY Times?

I want to believe you. I want to believe others. But damnit. There is no truth unless it appears
On my Television
and Second
In my Newspaper.

Scientific American is a journal used for instruction in most universities and holds far greater crfedibility than any MSM outlet interested only in the last bickering match between some self-serving politicians or useless celebrities.
 Quoting: Taarna

Well even though we prefer real scientists to tell us what might be happening... our boy up there has got his wish... Fox news is now reporting the manetic anomolies.. so now you believe it right? lmmfao... <facepalms>

[link to www.foxnews.com]
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