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Message Subject Pole Reversal Going On Now! *Compiled List Of Proof * (UPDATED 02-07-11)
Poster Handle NiNzrez
Post Content
Hey OP, this post is excellent, for lack of a better word..Ive thought of this for years and read more, but my real wonder lies in gravity...I know we dont understand gravity...no one is truly sure how its here or why..Ive had several dreams over the years where the earth lost gravity, needless to say it sucked..Ive even thought about tying long ropes down to trees outside..lol or even tying boats to trees..roflmao...anyway...whats your opinion, you're one of the few ppl here who's threads I've read and actually appreciate the intelligencia thereof..like Ive told my wife a whole lot, "Its a plauge of stupid" but not now...and I want to know what is your brain thinking about gravity, and if a physical or magnetic shift occours... where north becomes south.... do you think we'll all float up into the air, with all the cars and cats and dogs...and fences and garbage cans and fluids..lol and rain back down...or just float into space slowly..or do you think that gravity wont be changed..I know there will be some physical experiences, but shit no gravity sucks...Id like to think that wont happen, but Im just not sure...anyway food for thought, and again.. great damn post! peaceloveandfirepower, jahbulon..
 Quoting: jahbulon

thanks a ton for the nice words :)
you ask a hard question. a poster on here earlier(cg) mentioned something about gravity 2 or 3 pages back. It has had me really pondering the idea since. I'm not really sure what i think about this right now. On one hand, the idea of everything floating out into space is almost too intense to even consider possible. Then on the other hand, it has me thinking so far out into left field that I'm now asking myself, maybe this is why almost all the ancients build everything out of stone that was on the surface and why they build some massive city's underground.
I have a horrible headache today, but if feeling better tomorrow, i will be researching this and will report back with anything interesting that i find

and funny you mention "plague of stupid". Ever see the movie "idiocracy"? I refer to this movie almost daily haha

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