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Message Subject Pole Reversal Going On Now! *Compiled List Of Proof * (UPDATED 02-07-11)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
ABC Nightline News is doing a special Tonight about the dead birds, dead fish, pole shift, prophecy
It starts in about 20 min @ 11:30pm EST

like media or not, it should be interesting to see whats said.

Awesome, thanks for the heads up - off to record it on PVR! :)
 Quoting: germanbini

I hate to be cynical..

But if history and experience are any good at teaching one anything, don't expect to hear or see anything of substance from that report.

Much more likely is a sharply packaged report that will conclude something that ranges between "it's a mystery" and "whatever the cause, it is likely not anything to worry about."

They will parade a few experts across the screen to offer up the usual range of bullshit explanations, only admitting indirectly that none of those are especially likely to provide the answer.

Then they will dredge up old footage and/or newspaper clippings from the past, purporting to show that the exact same thing has happened numerous times in history and blah, blah, blah.

One or two scientists will say something about how weaknesses in the Earth's magnetic field are not all that unusual and have been measured or recorded before, etc.

And then? And then, they will end the segment and go on to the next one. The tacit message will be:

"Nothing much to see here, folks. It is interesting but not very alarming. Now go back to sleep."

Now let's see if my prediction here is accurate.
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