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Message Subject Pole Reversal Going On Now! *Compiled List Of Proof * (UPDATED 02-07-11)
Poster Handle Xenus 
Post Content
Bullshit jackass, I fully understand your pathetic attempt to derail me withha post that had fuck-all to do with the cause of magnetic pole flips, a fact you didn't realize until I corrected you.
 Quoting: Astronut

Moderately dense space clouds are huge, and the solar system could take as long as 500,000 years to cross one of them. Once in such a cloud, the Earth would be expected to undergo at least one magnetic reversal. During a reversal, electrically charged cosmic rays can enter Earth's atmosphere instead of being deflected by the planet's magnetic field.

Cosmic rays can fly into the atmosphere and break up nitrogen molecules to form nitrogen oxides. Nitrogen oxide catalysts would set off the destruction of as much as 40 percent of the protective ozone in the planet's upper atmosphere across the globe and destruction of about 80 percent of the ozone over the polar regions according to Pavlov.

[link to www.nasa.gov]

Really? Nothing to do with magnetic reversals at all? Not even the part where they specifically state the Earth is expected to undergo a magnetic reversal?? Are you that stupid astro-nut-less? Why are you getting so angry?
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