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Message Subject Pole Reversal Going On Now! *Compiled List Of Proof * (UPDATED 02-07-11)
Poster Handle fairflight
Post Content
Love this thread..the ifo you posted to start it was excellent!

I am concerned as to why all of these excellent posts have been unpinned at the same exact time.

Yesterday every pinned post vanished.

The majority of pinned posts were about this troubling situation we are all experiencing, the animal die-offs since the first of the year, unusual symptoms people are experiencing, pole wobble and shift that is going on, electromagnetic sphere.

These were all excellent pins with lots of info.

Poof, they were all unpinned at the same time and not one pinned thread now, is about any of these most concerning trouble we are witnessing.

Just wanted to know if I am alone in this observation.


no, I noticed it as well.
But also notice they all stopped being pinned around the same time interest shifted to this AZ shooting. I do not think anything was intentional. Interest changed in a blink of the eye and as a result, so did pins.
So many people here talk about False Flags.
This AZ thing, IMO was a false flag.
Way way wayy to many people were starting to ask questions about all these animals dying, the magnetic field and the possibility of being in a pole shift. It became the main focus of people from all over the world (not just here on glp). All top searches on the internet had to do with mass dead animals, polar shift and they wanted to know what was going on. With so many people going on a search for information at the same time, we were finding so much and putting it all together.
What better way to get people to look elsewhere.
Just my opinion
 Quoting: NiNzrez

I agree about the false flag. I believe it may be a catalyst to gun bans and a few other things TPTB want to see happen but...

The pins were all taken down at the same time and people started threads asking what happened to the pins. They were down with nothing new pinned for quite a long while...no pins at all and well before the AZ. shooting news broke.

Very, very odd. I believe also, as you do, that the world was watching and people were figuring things out. I saw some of the best info come forward in the last few days and am dissappointed that people are so easily swayed to forget.

Thanks again for great info..I have it saved and have shared it with many that do not do glp.
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