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Message Subject Pole Reversal Going On Now! *Compiled List Of Proof * (UPDATED 02-07-11)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
no, I noticed it as well.
But also notice they all stopped being pinned around the same time interest shifted to this AZ shooting. I do not think anything was intentional. Interest changed in a blink of the eye and as a result, so did pins.
So many people here talk about False Flags.
This AZ thing, IMO was a false flag.
Way way wayy to many people were starting to ask questions about all these animals dying, the magnetic field and the possibility of being in a pole shift. It became the main focus of people from all over the world (not just here on glp). All top searches on the internet had to do with mass dead animals, polar shift and they wanted to know what was going on. With so many people going on a search for information at the same time, we were finding so much and putting it all together.
What better way to get people to look elsewhere.
Just my opinion
(Quoting NiNzrez)

Those were my feelings EXACTLY. You see, the slime have gotten so slimy over the last few decades that they are repeating themselves, simply because they've sunk to a level so low that you really can't get much lower, and they've run out of "creative" diversions that haven't been tried before. In other words, they are so obvious now that events are becoming transparent to those that look with an understanding eye. Agreed, false flag for sure and that means something is afoot. Great post, Ninzrez, loads of good links to information. After awhile, we get so bombarded by things from different angles (one of the reasons I visit GLP) that it becomes easier to connect the dots, in fact, in many ways it is becoming obvious. Whatever it is that the so-called PTB want us NOT to think about must be news they fear in some way, in that perhaps it is much bigger than their self-declared "power" can control.

Keep your eyes open, folks. It's been getting very interesting lately.
 Quoting: crazycanuck 1000602

Glad to know that I wasn`t the only one that was wondering why the media was spending so much time on the Az. event, and ignoring all the much bigger events going on around the world. Are there any decent places to get the real news on tv? I have just about given up even looking, yet I still find myself looking for conformation when a major thread is posted. Have no idea why I bother.
What is going on with the history channel? Are they a public funded station? Did they actually suggest we start stock piling food now? Goverment propaganda, or their way of letting those who blindly follow, start getting use to the idea that things are going to change.
Buckle up. It`s gonna be one hell of a ride.
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