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Poster Handle goddess isis
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I think..I'm at the brink of developing Food Phobia.

The trigger was, during a lunch meeting 2 years ago, I had a hearty meal and shared dessert with a friend. The portions were huge and I was so full and feeling suffocated, hard to breathe.

It was so frightening and I always remember that moment. I had to loosen up my belt to be able to breathe better. The lesson I learned is to eat small portions. No more big portions for me.

I also read that when we eat a big meal, the body has to work hard during digestion, thus sending the oxygen and blood to the digestion (stomach). This is causing our brains to lack oxygen and feel sleepy overall. The sleepy feeling is frightening to me.

Lately, I heard stories from friends and acquintances who develop gout and one woman almost get a stroke after indulging lobsters on a buffet. She was still 27 years old. She finished her 4th plate of lobster and suddenly feel light headed and unable to focus.

I admit that food has nice taste, but too much of food become toxic and life threatening.
Yesterday I cancelled a restaurant reservation because the portions are so big and the thought of looking at the food on my table gives me the chills. I opt for a small bowl of salad instead.

Anyone experience similar condition? My partner told me that this is mental. That this is an unnecessary phobia. But, I don't want the suffocation and whenever I remember the 27 year old woman almost getting a stroke after her seafood, I cringe at the thought of food.

All I do now is eat small portions of food. I avoid sweets and high cholesterol foods also. I also limit carbs. I just want to be healthy.

Is there anyone on GLP that also experience the same condition? Please share your story and views.
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