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Message Subject HAVE YOU EVER EXPERIENCE "FOOD PHOBIA"?Please share!
Poster Handle goddess isis
Post Content
Personally I think that food is like a double edged sword. It can be so tasty and tempting, for certain people causing addiction, and these addictions are serious. Food is also keeping us alive and keeping the body functioning well. Everything in moderation.

I see that there is an agenda with the development of the food industry business and culinary expansions. People become obsessed with food. I read some food blogs and discover that certain people spend most of their incomes on food and indulging meals...some even eat gourmet at fancy restaurants few times a week.

At the end of the day, the same foods that they glorify so much, brings them diabetes, gout, high blood pressure and other life threatening diseases. Is it worth the trouble? I don't think so.

TPTB is smart enough to allow this situation. When people are caught in an addiction (food addiction that is), it will be so hard to break the addiction and most people are stuck and end up in hospital because of the food they ate. It's like a sweet poison..

There is no such thing as "comfort food". I personally think that it's an addiction. A fix. Like getting yourself a cigarette fix when you're nervous.
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