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Message Subject I'm an alien abductee. Here for the night. Ask me a question.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The Visit of the brown

The Truth will set you free; the reality will shock you excitedly.

It was a hot overcast night in the Sydney suburb next to the International Airport; the clouds were low like a haze of fog slightly above the Buildings of the city. The sky was brightly aglow with an unusual Pinkish yellow colour, all was quiet, it was around 1:00 am I was wide awake Jet lagged.

Off in the distance I could hear the distant barking howl of backyard Dogs, Not an unusual thing to hear at night, especially when one lays awake in bed with a body clock ticking to a different time zone. It was then that the Sound of the dogs truly got my attention. They were not communicating as usual, but were sounding off in a linear fashion. Howling that plotted a path drawing closer to my locality. I noticed that the hairs on my body were of a slight tingling when the Dogs howls and baying were at my homes location. And the Concert of Hounds continued in the same linear fashion going away from my residence.

Hurriedly I arose from the bed and dashed to the window to look up, for I was sure
Something had silently flown overhead, but loud enough for the animals to hear and react to. Unfortunately due to the low and strange cloud conditions nothing could be viewed. So step two was needed. (I need no convincing as to the shared reality we are experiencing with these assorted visitors. To me it is history repeating. ) and I got back into bed. Time to visit them.

{ď Dear readers, you must forgive me for what I'm going to tell you, for if you use the same procedures as I have, you could get the same results if youíre ready to face the fact head on. Be Warned and aware.Ē}

The Grip was strong; I panicked and tried to get free!

Lying back in bed I new time was of the essence, so I calmed myself uncrossed my arms and legs and then proceeded to breath big slow breaths in through the nose, out through the mouth. Whilst relaxing my body part by part, managing interrupting thoughts by gently resting each popup until I had reached a state of not feeling my body anymore. And my breathing was deep and rhythmic. Total relaxation of all but mind.

At this point the human consciousness can be focussed into any endeavour, astral projection, remote viewing, heard prayer and communication. It is the dedication to desire without condition that brings rewards. My simple desire was a hello to those who fly as crew, from a fellow flying crew member. Only thing is, the response was as sudden as it was surmised that my desire was genuine. Obviously permission was granted for just when I was about to stop the procedure the strangest thing happened.

I offer an example for better understanding; place your two index fingers about 10 centimetres 3 inches in front of your eyes. Whilst looking past your fingertips notice a view of a floating double nailed finger as you move your hands apart and together, itís a neat illusion. Thatís as close as a description of how the [3feet, 1 meter Round] doorway opened up in front of me only 2 feet from my bed head.

I then felt the comfortable urge to place my closest arm, my right arm, as by now I was lying on my right side facing this portal, into the strange opening suspended there.
It was then that another arm appeared and proceeded just as cautiously as me, to formulate a greeting. The arm was petite and simular to a hairless tailed monkey; it was a brown colour with a texture like that of a brown frog. Dry to touch. The fingers were 4 in number and one wrapped around as if a thumb. Nails were black and pointy.

(It was my first totally amazing without fear experience, self generated meeting with the peoples who have put me through the hardest emotional awakenings in my life, starting when I was 5 years old.)

I was distracted by this amazing view un-concerned with any repercussions as to the reality I was partaking into. Then we touched. That was ok my composure was calm
And curious, the texture was just like a dry frog. Cool and alive. Our handshake positioning moved to a friendly arm embrace where we held each by the wrist, the grip was strong; I panicked and tried to get free! But it didnít want to let go. At least till my heart stopped pounding and I had gotten over the Panic. Then as smoothly as it had begun they gently let go and the room returned to normal.

I was out of bed in a flash, light on and wow. Even though it was a triumph for me, it was a failure as well, for I still had issues in my life that needed attention. I had to learn a hard to find truth about ourselves. The only person who had shown us the way
Had his teachings fragmented. Thus began my search for the teachings of Yeshua Ben Joseph. Son of Mary and Joseph born august 31st 7 BC. Unconditional love and total faith in the universal ways relating to the awakening of spirit in man was the keys I found that opened my heart, I am no longer driven to collect material objects, or treat relationships in a simular manner, and that includes how I allow the thoughts to occupy my mind about the people I meet. I donít project desire onto other souls, no longer shall I been a human animal, But a Human Being, Being Human (Spirit Ė man)

Years later I was attending one of the many seminars of personal interest, when I told the Host channeler who was also teaching how to go beyond the veil, what I had achieved, and that I found it an intensive focusing exercise that was exhausting and long , just to be nicely chastised That the results I got For my first Time at this type of communication resulting from meditation for a little under an hour, was way more than what most people can achieve with days and days of dedicated instruction. I was truly humbled by her statement.

Again I thank you all, For allowing me to Share with all of you, this small piece of information, I hope in your own lives you too are as curious as me to expand your understanding that we were never alone, and never will be, we are apart of a great moment in the ascension of the peoples on this world, from fear base, to compassion base.

Jason Doherty
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