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Message Subject I'm an alien abductee. Here for the night. Ask me a question.
Poster Handle AlienAddictions.com
Post Content
Have you been doing abduction exercizes?

I'm going to start a regimine tonight.

Here's a standing abduction plan you can follow.

Standing Abduction

Starting Position
Stand with feet slightly apart, knees slightly bent, hands on hips or one hand on a chair or wall for balance. Shift weight to right let keeping it slightly bent.

EXHALE: Keeping toes pointed forward, foot flexed, and leg straight, lift the left foot off the ground and out to the side as high as you can. Hold here for 2 counts.

INHALE: Lower slowly with control without letting left foot or leg rest to complete one rep. Complete all reps and switch sides.

Special Instructions
Do not let momentum swing your leg-- keep it slow and controlled. Try to keep upper body straight-- don't lean forward or back. Also try to keep both legs in line with body, not forward or behind.

Muscles Worked: Outer thigh, Hips, Quads

[link to www.sparkpeople.com]

Are these supposed to help you get "abducted"?

I don't know!

Maybe someone could do an experiment of abduction exercises whilst playing Mozart, vs. the usual method of trying to flag them down with lights.. or whatever.

they never come for me! I must not be interesting!
 Quoting: of non interest 1221433

Are you looking for tips on how to go with them?
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