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Message Subject I'm an alien abductee. Here for the night. Ask me a question.
Poster Handle AlienAddictions.com
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When is disclosure? I've been hearing "soon" for years. Why are the assholes in power allowed to have help but we aren't even allowed to know the truth at all? Why can't they just show themselves? Why do they do something as evil as abduct you then erase your memory? Why can't you keep your memories at least? The older I get the more convinced I become that anything watching what is happening on this planet, watching the evil ones have their way along with their "et help" or "reptilian help" while doing nothing aren't our friends, either. It's like they all see us as lab rats and that's unsettling to me. Most people can accept et life so that isn't much of an excuse anymore, kwim?

It's like, oh, the evil ones have help destroying the planet and the people on it. Yay. We're benevolent so let's sit back and watch. Got some popcorn?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1185535

This question drives me nuts ... get it all the time! (No offence please!!)

For "disclosure" look to Stonehenge, the Pyramids ... been here for long time!!

They will show if you go out at night and ask them a few times.

The memory erasal is a HUGE mystery to me too!!!

Some are NOT friends.

We kinda are lab rats ... always have been.

I feel your frusteration 110%!!
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